All you wanted to know, and more!

How are the bones made?

There are a couple different recipes for Bradley's Bones treats. The main ingredients are on each individual package. Our main ingredients are wheat flour and peanut butter!

Are the persons served paid?

Yes! Each individual gets paid on a per bone status due to the restrictions that ResCare is under from the federal government. But because ResCare can make so many bones at once, the persons served very well could make more than minimum wage! Both Bradley's Bones and ResCare's goal is to pay the persons served higher than minimum wage for the job they do so well. 

Do you use actual chocolate?

No! The chocolate appearing dipped covering you see on the bones is carob. Carob is non toxic to dogs because it doesn't contain any theobromine, which is found in chocolate and harmful to dogs.

How much is too much?

Although we like seeing as many dogs as possible eating our treats, we want the dogs to be safe and healthy.  As with any treat, Bradley's Bone's should not replace a balanced diet and should not take up more than 10% of diet. Your veterinarian will have more information on what a balanced diet consists of if you have any questions.

Can I customize my orders?

Yes! You can submit your custom order requests under the contact us tab. Anything is possible, the only thing holding you back is your imagination!

Where can I find Bradley's Bones?

Bradley's Bones is sold in three different states. Kansas, Texas, and Alabama.

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